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OMG: Man brings a llama as his plus-one to his sister’s wedding

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IMAGE: Mendl Weinstock

An man in Ohio is not going back on a promise he made to his sister.

Mendl Weinstock promised his sister five years ago (when she was only 17 years old and still single), that he’d bring a llama to her wedding when it happened. Well … fast forward, and guess what? She’s getting married.

It started out as a joke, but then when she was actually engaged, Mendl said he was still going to bring a Llama. Obviously, she didn’t think he was serious and quickly moved on with her wedding plans … but then …

Sure enough, he showed up on the special day with a llama dressed in a tuxedo as his plus-one. His sister says she’s already started planning her revenge.

IMAGE: Mendl Weinstock