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OMG: You can meet and adopt a dog using Zoom!

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By now you’ve probably seen MANY of your friends on social media “welcoming” new fur members to their family, and maybe you’re considering it. Maybe you’ve been teetering on the idea of adopting a pet, but you just need a little more incentive. Here it is … you can now meet and adopt a dog via Zoom!

The dog food brand Pedigree is working to set up dog adoptions via Zoom meetings. And it totally makes sense! Seemingly overnight, everyone got tech savvy enough to log on to a computer and figure out Zoom, FaceTime and Google Hangouts.

Currently, Pedigree is working with the Nashville Humane Association to test this idea. Fingers crossed, this could be a game changer for adoption shelters around the country. The website meetyournewdog.com, explains the idea is to let me people virtually meet dogs, ask questions, and adopt all without leaving their homes.

Watch a promotional video below: