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On ‘The Tonight Show,’ GAYLE reveals “disgusting” incident that led to her single artwork

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Paula Lobo/NBC

GAYLE made her national TV debut Wednesday night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and in addition to performing her breakout hit, “abcdefu,” she told the story of the artwork that goes along with the song — and it’s not pretty.

The “abcdefu” single artwork is an x-ray of a hand with the middle finger broken at a pretty crazy angle.  Turns out that’s the actual x-ray of GAYLE’s actual middle finger, which she broke while attempting to drag her dog out from under the bed so she could take her out.

“I tripped and fell at the same time and I went to catch myself,” GAYLE explained, noting that she landed on her middle fingers.  “It was disgusting. It was terrible,” she laughs.  Then, her mom — who had just had knee replacement surgery two weeks prior — had to drive her to the hospital.

“She’s trying to drive me [to the hospital]…she has a really bad gag reflex, if she sees anything that grosses her out…she was sitting there dry-heaving, and I’m like, ‘IT’S MY HAND This is my hand! You’re gonna throw up on my hand!'” the teen singer recalled, as Fallon cracked up.

GAYLE also talked about how “abcdefu” initially blew up on TikTok, and noted how amazed she is that it led to her Tonight Show appearance.  “The fact that I’m here…I pretended that I’ve been sitting on this couch for years in my house, and now I’m here!” she marveled. “And it’s thanks to this app on my phone!”

The singer also revealed that she has a new single coming out this month.

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