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Our Latest Obsession: ChatGPT

It’s been all the buzz lately and we’ve been having a lot of fun with it. ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence that will do almost anything you ask it to do. So, Ryan decided to ask ChatGPT to plan two spontaneous vacations. One for Crisco, and one for Dez. All of us we’re absolutely amazed with what ChatGPT came up with. You can here the segment here. Listeners were so stunned and impressed that immediately the texts and emails started flying in! What is the site Ryan used to plan the vacations? If you listen and are interested in using the technology Ryan used, just Google “ChatGPT”. If you’re interesting in hearing a little bit more fun we had with ChatGPT, you can click here and hear ChatGPT ranking our looks. Listeners loved it, we weren’t exactly in love with the results.