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Parker Eisinger

Fall of 2021, Parker was your normal 16-year-old. He was a sophomore at Lakeville South High School and was excited to be back to school in person, playing football and having a somewhat normal school year since the start of the pandemic.

In October, he started having flu-like symptoms. First, we thought it was Covid and after testing negative several times, we thought it was just a bad virus. After a week of having a fever and not eating, we went to urgent care. The doctors also thought it was a virus but did some blood work and sent Parker to the ER for additional testing after abnormal results. After more testing there, he was transferred to Masonic Children’s Hospital for more tests. The doctors were still hopeful that it was just a virus and after countless tests and a bone marrow biopsy, we were told that I have Acute Myeloid Leukemia

AML is an aggressive type of Leukemia and is treated very aggressively. He was lucky enough not to need a bone marrow transplant but needed 5 rounds of chemo. Since the chemo would completely wipe out his immune system, Parker would need to stay in the hospital the entire time because of the risk of infections.

Fighting cancer was physically the hardest thing Parker has ever done. The first few months were the most challenging. He didn’t eat for two months, lost over 50 pounds, and lost all of his hair. It was a challenge for him to even sit up in bed. Besides the grueling chemo, he had hundreds of vitals taken, countless tests and transfusions, some scary infections, and got Covid in his third month in.

This was also the hardest thing mentally that he has ever gone through. People don’t talk enough about the mental struggles that come with a cancer diagnosis and being in a hospital for so long. Especially for kid and during a pandemic.

We are excited to say that Parker’s cancer is in remission. On April 28th, after more than six months in the hospital, Parker was able to go home.