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Photo by Nastya Dulhiier on Unsplash

Someone’s zodiac sign can tell you a lot about them. It can reveal how good they are in bed, what their wedding should look like, what turns them on and off, and, oh yeah, how likely they are to cheat. According to a new survey conducted by EduBirdie, a custom essay-writing service, each zodiac sign has its own signature relationship tendencies. While the stars don’t tell us who will cheat, exactly, they do tell us which signs have a tendency to be flaky, noncommittal, or total romantics… so romantic that they might decide the stranger who smiled at them across the crowded bar is their One True Love, even if they’re already in a relationship. Check out the survey results for your and your partner’s signs below:

As a competitive and dynamic fire sign, “Aries babies act on instinct and are most likely to stray from a relationship for a fling.” According to EduBirdie’s survey, 34 percent of Aries have cheated or have come close to cheating on a significant other. Yikes!

Ooh, the oh-so-sensual and practical earth sign. Taurus peeps are often grounded and dependable, so only 17 percent of them have cheated or have come close to cheating-whereas the strong majority believe in monogamy.

“People born under Gemini typically prefer casual relationships, which isn’t surprising-given nearly 31 percent of them have cheated or have come close to cheating on a significant other.” Go @ these people in your life.

“Sentimental and compassionate, this water sign is guided by how they nurture the people around them. In touch with their feelings and true to commitment, only 13 percent have cheated or have come close to cheating, with most remaining faithful.”

“Leos love the drama-with fiery personalities and actions to show for it.” Nearly 36 percent of them have either cheated or come close to it (the highest percentage on the list!).

Known for being loyal and practical AF, only 6 percent of this type A personality have considered straying from a relationship. BRB, finding a Virgo now.

The seventh astrological sign not only identifies as “diplomatic and gracious” but also craves that butterfly romance. EduBirdie’s survey showed that only 7 percent have considered engaging with someone other than their partner.

“Scorpios are reluctant to let anyone in and so, for obvious reasons, are less likely to engage in a casual relationship.” Only 9 percent have cheated or have come close to cheating-but you may want to check for micro-cheating, just sayin’.

“Extroverted by nature, Sagittarius babies are more likely to leave a relationship if they be thinkin’ the grass is greener on the other side.” Ugh. Of those surveyed, EduBirdie found 23 percent of them have cheated or have come close to cheating on their partner.

These sea-goats are serious and independent, which makes them less likely to settle down as easily as the other signs. “But once settled, Caps typically won’t stray-just 11 percent have considered cheating or have gone through with it.”

“Being as deep as they are uncompromising, those born Aquarius connect with others on a deeper level,” so one-night stands are off the table. Ten percent consider or engage in cheating behavior.

This water sign is “compassionate and empathetic,” so it looks like their loyalty remains with you and saltwater beaches or lakes. Only 12 percent have considered or engaged in cheating.