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Penatonix's rules for their cover versions: There are no rules

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Courtesy Pentatonix

Pentatonix has released the video for their version of The Cranberries‘ 90s classic “Dreams,” from their latest EP At Home. Most of the EP is made up of covers of current hits by Billie Eilish, The Weeknd and Dua Lipa — so how does a random song from 1992 fit in?  Well, turns out the A cappella group literally has no rules.

“What’s so fun about Pentatonix is we just creatively do whatever we want,” group member Scott Hoying tells ABC Audio. “If the band is inspired and excited and loves something, we’re like, ‘Let’s do it!’ There’s no rule, genre-wise, which is such an amazing thing.”

“I remember we wanted to have a really, like, gorgeous, sweet song,” he continues. “‘Dreams’ came up …I had never heard it!  And I was like, ‘This is so beautiful. Let’s do this!’ And we’re like, ‘Great, put it on the EP!’ So it’s just very, like, whatever we’re feeling in the moment.”

While the EP is meant to tide fans over until the group releases their new original album, Scott says it’s been “really amazing” to be able to record and release music during quarantine. But as far being able to reunite onstage and sing for their fans live again, they don’t know when — or how — that could take place.

“I have no idea,” says Scott. “I don’t know…what’s going to happen to the touring industry…so we’ll just have to connect with people online, until we can in person again.”

But band mate Kevin Olusola points out, “During times like this, there are things that always…emerge that create the next wave…So I’m curious to see how people decide to utilize this time to think about what the future could look like.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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