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Pentatonix talks new EP, teases upcoming album of original songs: "We're really pushing the boundaries"

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At Home, the new EP from Pentatonix, was, as the name suggests, recorded by the A cappella group while quarantining separately.  But the group’s Scott Hoying says it’s just an appetizer for what they’ve got coming up next: Their first album of all-original songs since 2015.

“We’ve written so many songs and we’ve worked so hard on it and we’re like on our final mixes. And I think we’re really pushing the boundaries with what Pentatonix is capable of,” Scott tells ABC Audio. “And the songs are just so moving and like, amazing. We’re so proud of them.”

“This is like the interim EP to keep fans happy and to give people content,” he adds. “But the big original album is coming.”

The new EP features covers of hits by The Weeknd, The Cranberries and Dua Lipa, plus a medley of over a dozen songs that mention “home” or “house.”  All five members recorded their parts at home, acting as their own engineers.

“I watched so many YouTube tutorials!” Scott laughs. “It was a good excuse for us to learn how to do these things and be self-sufficient.”

The “Home” medley, featuring heavy metal, country, rock and pop hits, was originally put together for a TV show appearance.

“We wanted to do something quarantine-themed,” explains Scott. “There’s so many songs about ‘home’….and so I was like, ‘Why don’t we take a bunch…home and put them together for the show?’ And then the show didn’t happen, but we were like, ‘This has turned out so great, let’s put it on the EP!'”

Two videos are out now, but more clips for all the EP’s songs — also shot at home — will drop over the next few weeks, and Scott promises fans plenty of “Pentatonix grid video amazingness.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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