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Pink helps dying fan check off item on her bucket list

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Sixty-three-year old Diane Berberian was an avid runner and triathlete who ran marathons across the globe, but her world was turned upside down when she was diagnosed with bone cancer. 

ABC affiliate WLNE reports that Diane was given one year to live — and that’s exactly what the Pennsylvania-native has been doing.  Boston named a day after her in honor of the many marathons she’s run in the city, and she even dropped the first puck at a Flyers game. But one of the biggest items on Diane’s bucket list was checked off thanks to Pink, whom she is a big fan.

The “All I Know So Far” singer learned of Diane’s plight and reached out to meet her.  The two were able to hold a lengthy conversation on Zoom last month.

“Thank you to everyone who took the time to try and make connections…. our dream came true!!!!!,” Diane shared on Facebook, revealing that Pink also serenaded her with Queen‘s “We Are the Champions.” 

When Diane wondered if their conversation was cutting too much into Pink’s busy schedule, the Grammy winner assured her, “You haven’t wasted a second of my time” and began asking Diane questions about her life.

Pink also called Diana “incredible” because she “has a kind of bravery that I don’t understand” and commended Diane for “bringing comfort to other people” with her positive outlook on living life to the fullest.


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