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Pink tells daughter Willow an epic bedtime story in “All I Know So Far” video

M Pink 050721
Dave Meyers

Pink spins an epic bedtime story for her daughter Willow in the new music video for “All I Know So Far.”

The special effects-heavy Dave Meyers-directed clip starts off with the nine-year-old being skeptical of her mom’s storytelling abilities, but she soon gets hooked as Pink lays out a journey of pain, anger, rebellion, love, acceptance and more.

There are even cameos from Judith Light as Pink’s mother, Cher as a Christ-like figure, and Pink’s husband, Cary Hart.

“Dave Meyers and I are back together again,” Pink says in a statement.  “Since this song is sort of the story of my life and a letter to my daughter, making this video with Dave after we did our first video [for “There You Go”] together 22 years ago is a really special full circle moment.”

Meyers, who also directed Pink’s “Get the Party Started” and “So What” videos, among others, adds, “In this video, I am trying to capture the full breadth of who she is, where she has been and the troubled youth that’s evolved into this idea of the power of community. It is where we are in the world right now and displays the idea that we really need each other.”

The song “All I Know So Far” shares its title with Pink’s upcoming documentary, premiering May 21 on Amazon Prime Video. A live companion album, All I Know So Far: Setlist, will be released the same day.

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