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Pink’s ‘All I Know So Far’ Amazon doc is “chaotic, profound, joyous and frustrating,” just like her life, says director

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Andrew Macpherson © 2021 Courtesy of Amazon Studios

The Amazon Prime Video documentary Pink: All I Know So Far is streaming now. Directed by Michael Gracey of The Greatest Showman fame, it shows Pink balancing motherhood and stardom while on her 2019 Beautiful Trauma stadium tour. Gracey says instead of your average concert film, he wanted to show “the way in which [Pink] doesn’t separate being a mom and being a rock star.”

“I always thought that that was a very unique lens to look at her concert,” Gracey tells ABC Audio.

In the film, we see Pink caring for her kids Jameson and Willow in between entertaining thousands of fans a night at stadiums all over Europe, culminating in a massive show at London’s Wembley Stadium.

“It was so impressive to watch someone perform at that level…just singing their heart out and flying around the stadium and dancing non-stop,” Gracey recalls. “After all that…she scoops up her kids and goes back to the hotel and plays with Jameson, and runs around the room with him and laughs and dances and then puts them to bed and then reads them a book!”

He laughs, “I think the truth is, you can have it all, but you have to have an amazing amount of stamina!”

But above all, Gracey says, Pink wanted an unvarnished look at her life on the road — and he delivered.

“She had a comfort level with letting us into her life, and so you don’t feel like it’s a narrative that is scripted,” he tells ABC Audio. “It’s very much like her life: It’s chaotic and it’s profound and it’s joyous and it’s frustrating.”

“But,” Gracey notes, “I think that in a world of pop stars, which are very manufactured, there’s something really refreshing about being able to see something unfiltered.” 

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