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6 Minutes with My 6 Year Old

TJ and her 6-year-old daughter (mainly TJ) wanted to create a podcast parents and kids want to listen to together! They share their conversations about life, its funny moments, along with showing and highlighting the unique bond between parent and child. Listen weekly for a fun and insightful podcast that celebrates the joys of both parenthood and childhood.

Latest Episodes

6 Year Old Reviews The Little Mermaid

Nilly gives a short review of the new “Little Mermaid” movie plus we talk about “Chicken Run 2” that will be out in December a movie. The first Chicken Run traumatized her within the first five minutes.

6 Year Old Tells Bedtime Stories

Nilly wanted to do a podcast where she “tells bedtime stories to toddlers” sooo why did she yell “drink more beer” at the end of it? We had quite the miscommunication

6 Year Old Talks Teacher Appreciation Week

May 8th-12th is teacher appreciation week and Nilly has come up with some fun gift ideas for her teacher. You can take these ideas and use them for the teachers in your life too.

6 Year Old’s Dog Passes Away

Nilly had her first experience with a pet passing away. Here’s what she learned and her advice for other kids who have lost or lose a pet.

6 Year Old Advice for Travel

Nilly and I talk about travel, what she likes and dislikes about a plane, her advice for other kids nervous to fly. Plus, my tips as a parent for flying with a child. We’ve had really good luck with Nilly, and I believe it’s due to three things.

My 6 Year Old is a Life Coach

Nilly randomly started to pretend to be a life coach, so I recorded the session as she helped her dad with his “problems”

100 Days of School Lesson in Kindness

Nilly dressed up for 100 days of school and when she got to school she was embarrassed. Here is how she handled it and some additional info I wasnt aware of before that turned into a lesson in kindness.

Meet my 6 year old, Nilly!

In this very first edition you’ll get to meet my daughter Nilly, who will be the focus of this weekly podcast. Today’s VERY FIRST edition includes some fun questions to ask your children. You might be surprised by their answers.