Birth Confidential with TJ

As a mom herself, TJ shares your comical, beautiful, sometimes heartbreaking stories of birth and the wild ride of entering parenthood. Welcome to our hood.

Latest Episodes

S1E15 Dez Season Finale

Dez is the co-host of Crisco, Dez, and Ryan on KS95 in Minneapolis. She shares what happened in her first birth that caused her complications during her second. A word of warning her second birth was traumatizing, but we also talk about why this information is important to share.

S1E14 Shannon

Shannon is part of the duo “Haley and Michaels” she shares what it was like being pregnant for the first time, getting ready to play C2C in the UK when the world shut down, the show was cancelled, and a travel ban was coming. She also shares what it was like witnessing the birth of three siblings at a young age. This episode is so fun and her birth story with baby Keira is beautiful,

S1E13 Kate

Kate has had the unique experience of both a hospital birth and a home birth. She talks about her experiences with each one and the game changer for her which includes using a high dose vitamin c during her pregnancy and the Bradley method.

S1E12 Molly

Molly is a competitive figure skater who shares her emotional journey of taking legal action against a fertility clinic who botched her IUI process. She was told her baby may have a fatal heart condition and had stopped growing in the womb. Her story is filled with so much hope and determination I hope you will feel incredibly inspired by her.

S1E11 CiCi

CiCi and I spent a lot of time talking about pregnancy anxieties and the things no one told us about during and after pregnancy. She also talked about her feelings as a black woman, pregnant with a black son after George Floyds murder. These convos can be hard to have sometimes but they are important and I really learned a lot from this episode.

S1E10 Heather

Heather had the idea of the perfect home water birth and as they say when it comes to birth, prepare to be unprepared.

S1E9 Dr. Amanda Richerson

Taking a break from birth stories to chat with Dr. Amanda Richerson who is a perinatal/pediatric Chiropractor and the benefits someone in her position can provide to expecting moms and children.

S1E7 Garrett and Travis

Garrett shares his emotional journey into parenthood with his husband Travis via fostering to adopt. This story is heartbreaking, uplifting and left me feeling like I can make all my dreams come true.

S1E6 Kathy

Kathy married a Chicago policeman, who had a Vasectomy prior to their marriage. She thought she had a mass growing in her stomach, went to the doctor and found out she was five months pregnant! She was a nurse at the time and told her daughter’s birth story when epidurals were new.

S1E5 Fiona Culley Part Two

We continue Fiona’s story as she tells us about baby Huxley and the seizures he started to have at three months old. Luckily they got a quick diagnoses of a GLUT1 deficiency. They now control his symptoms with the Keto diet.