Crisco, Dez & Ryan

Listen to your favorite moments from the Crisco, Dez & Ryan Morning Show online! Catch Love 'em or List 'em, Secrets, and more! The 'After Hours' podcast is now available on this page. Enjoy the podcast that includes all the material they can't put on the air!

Latest Episodes

Secrets: I wish I was brave enough to…?!

What do you wish you were brave enough to do?! “I wish I was brave enough to say hello to Crisco.” Well just so you know, you can say hello to him anytime. He’s the nicest guy in the world and so happy to talk to people! “I wish I was brave enough to tell my in-laws to stuff it. ;-)” “I wish I could leave my toxic workplace without a new job lined up.”

Secrets: Most Embarrassing Thing Your Kid Has Done?

What’s the most embarrassing thing your kid has done? “My daughter was playing hide and seek at a family picnic, she wanted to win so badly she pooped in the bush she was hiding in!” “My four-year-old child decided to play bongos on the breasts of a woman he didn’t know…” “Daughter caught her dad and I mid-unicorn. We didn’t know until she was asking why we were wrestling and making noises.”

Secrets: What's Your Biggest Turn Off?

What’s your biggest turn off?! “When your “having fun” with your partner and they let out a big fart!?” “Excessive body hair on guys. I don’t want to date a sweater.” “Biggest turn off… arrogance or narcissism. There is nothing more disgusting than someone that thinks they are more entitled than you.” “Men with carpets on their chest and back??”

Secrets: What is happening with you that no one would suspect?!

What’s happening with you that no one would suspect?? “I’m fighting legal charges and nobody knows.” “Secret, no one would suspect I’m almost done writing my second novel. I plan to hire an agent and attempt to publish them both next year.” “No one knows I’m a furry.”

Crisco Shares Message About Babe

It’s a sad time for all of us in the KS95 family. Particularly for Crisco. We all know Crisco’s best friend, soulmate, and dog Babe. Unfortunately, vets discovered she was sick and Crisco shares a message with all of us.

Secrets: What did you find out later in life that you wish you didn't?!

What did you find out later in life that you really wish you didn’t?? “At age 30 when my dad was terminally ill, I found out that my uncle is really my dad. My mom has never brought up the subject. I found out in a letter from my uncle.” “Secret, I wish I didn’t know my grandfather ran a huge Ponzi scheme and ruined hundreds of families’ savings. He died before he could be punished for it.” “Found out later in life that my brother is actually my half brother and my mom had an affair with another man. My dad knew but forgave her and raised my brother as his own.”

Love 'Em or List 'Em: Ban Abroad?

Roseanne made a promise to her son that she can’t fulfill! But, she’s got a good way to get out of it even though he may resent her for it!