Crisco, Dez & Ryan

Listen to your favorite moments from the Crisco, Dez & Ryan Morning Show online! Catch Love 'em or List 'em, Secrets, and more! The 'After Hours' podcast is now available on this page. Enjoy the podcast that includes all the material they can't put on the air!

Latest Episodes

Secrets: Something You've Never Bragged About

What’s Something You’ve Never Bragged About? “Got my masters degree with a 4.0 as a single mom” “I had 23 swimming event records in college” Recorded live on 10.13.21

Love 'Em Or List 'Em: Watching Your Neighbors Do It

Jessica and her husband once noticed their neighbors having sex through the blinds of their windows. Instead of freaking out and closing the blinds, their neighbors seemed to like it!…

Secrets: People That "Blank" Annoy Me

People That “Blank” Annoy Me “People who hum in public” “Mouthbreathers” “People who suck up…just do your job” Recordd live on 10.11.21