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Latest Episodes

Secrets: What do you hope to see one day?

What do you hope to see one day? “Jason Mamoa naked!” “I would love to see my Sister in Law get everything she deserves.. and not in a good way!” “I would love to see the Vikings win the superbowl!”

After Hours: Ryan’s Peep Show

We all had Thanksgiving surprises! Dez had some unexpected guests show up for dinner and Ryan had quite the Vegas spa experience. We’re gonna need a bigger robe!

Secrets: What gross thing do you secretly like?!

What gross thing do you secretly like?? “Picking tonsil stones out of my tonsils.” “I like to eat my dried earwax :)” “Swiss cake rolls with a side of tomato juice.”

Secrets: #ThisIsWhyI’mBroke

Why are you broke? “My eight indoor cats.” “DoorDash #ThisIsWhyI’mBroke” “Vintage comic books!” “$7,000 worth of remote controlled cars.”

After Hours: Work Hard Party Hard

Would you give up your traditional Christmas to go on a vacation anywhere you want? Plus, what’s the best way to approach a trip to Vegas? Do you go all out the days you’re there or, do you relax poolside, hit up a spa and take it easy? Plus, stick around at the end as Dez is joined by Jennifer, Senior Director of Health & Well-Being at YMCA North.

Secrets: What are you getting away with but could get you fired?!

” I read dirty, dirty books at work!” “Definitely watch The Real Housewives while I work!” “Working from home, my favorite on the clock activity is a quickie with my spouse.” “Some days I have a couple quick cocktails at lunch to make the afternoon meetings more enjoyable.”