Crisco, Dez & Ryan

Listen to your favorite moments from the Crisco, Dez & Ryan Morning Show online! Catch Love 'em or List 'em, Secrets, and more! The 'After Hours' podcast is now available on this page. Enjoy the podcast that includes all the material they can't put on the air!

Latest Episodes

Secrets: I Don't Tell Anybody That I…

Please don’t tell anybody that I “really don’t like people.” “I’m still in love with my ex-husband.” I Don’t tell anybody that I “have a crush on my husband’s brother!”…

After Hours: Overrated

Is having kids worth it or is it overrated? Plus, a superhero is born!

Secrets: What Do You Wish You Discovered Years Ago?

What Do You Wish You Discovered Years Ago? “Adulting sucks” “Minimalism. I would’ve saved so much money and stress” “The big yellow candy store in Jordan years ago!” Recorded live…