The Staci & Hutch Podcast

Staci & Hutch are your entertaining friends in the afternoon from 2-7pm. Enjoy the fun and games with segments like Smarter than Staci and Buzzword!

Latest Episodes

Say Too Much: Body Hair is a Problem!

Staci and mainly Hutch open up about one BIG hairy issue… 🙂 PLUS we try a delicious new Oreo and some healthy breakfast cereal!

Smarter Than Staci – Topics: Hall of Famer, Animal Group, Niall Horan and more

Emily came to play today getting 4 right answers. You’ll have to excuse the technical difficulty… some of the audio is missing from this game… just trust… Staci was able to get 3 answer but just two points because of the “Replacement Question”. So, you’ll have to get more than 3 right to be Smarter Than Staci today.

Smarter Than Staci – Topics: Travel, Poet, Piano and more

Jake did a fine job getting 4 right answers and Staci was able to match that for a Tie Breaker Game. Play along to see if you can win. Can you get the TBQ right faster? You’ll have to get more than 4 right to be Smarter Than Staci today.

Say Too Much: Dating in 2023

Staci is out, so our old friend Grant ducked away from his myTalk duties to lend a hand on this edition of Say Too Much. The guys discuss what dating is like in 2023 and proper dating etiquette. PLUS another down to the wire edition of Pass or Play AND we try Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Fruit Loops milk in Snackchat…

Say Too Much: Staci & Hutch break stuff at a WreckIt Rage Room!

Sometimes you just need to break stuff to feel better… Well good news, there’s a place that you can do just that in Savage, Minnesota. WreckIt Rage Room! Staci, Hutch and Producer Ross went there for some good ole bonding time… Stick around towards the end of this podcast to watch us break some stuff! This edition of Say Too Much also features show staples, Pass or Play and Snackchat!

Say Too Much: Staci & Hutch open up about mental health

Staci & Hutch open up by sharing some of their mental health battles. Marna from Make It Ok joined the pod for an all-around deep dive on mental health. Why is it so important to end the stigma around mental illness? PLUS, Say Too Much staples Snackchat and Pass or Play.