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Latest Episodes

Say Too Much – The Most Embarrassing Moments of our Lives

On the latest episode of Say Too Much, we share some of our most embarrassing moments from over the years. Staci even shares a story we’ve never heard before about the time she met Rainn Wilson. We also play Pass or Play and try some goofy snacks!

Say Too Much – Roommate Nightmares & Pass or Play

We go over our WORST roommate stories on the latest Say Too Much Some of these will really have you questioning your faith in humanity! ?? Ross also brings us a new Pass or Play format and the gang tries a new soda that didn’t surprise us as we had hoped.

Smarter Than Staci – Topics: Stolen Art, Marathon, a smew??? and more

Faith showed up to play today getting 4 right answers and with the replacement used strategically Staci got 5 right answers but only 4 points which means this game came down to the Tie Breaker! Was it the flip of a coin or the category that Faith chose? Can you get all 6 questions right to be Smarter Than Staci today? Aired May 12th, 2022

Jacked Up Person of the Day from Texas

Maybe he thought he deserved to keep what he stole for doing the homeowner a favor? This is a strange crime to commit. Aired May 11th, 2022

Caveman Buzzword – Staci 3.5 VS Hutch 1.5

We’re getting down to the bottom of this stack of cards so… enjoy this challenging game as it could be one of the last. No promises. Ha! Aired May 11th, 2022