Staci & Hutch are your entertaining friends in the afternoon from 2-7pm. Enjoy the fun and games with segments like Smarter than Staci and Buzzword!

Latest Episodes

Whatcha Say?!? Staci 3 VS Hutch 3

Who is the King of Pop, the Queen of … Hutch would have never ended the game if he knew it was tied up. Ha! Aired July 30th, 2021

Whatcha Say?!? Staci 3 VS Hutch 1

Sometimes the singing of the phrases doesn’t help. What do you think CEO’s actually do all day… Hutch might have the answer. Aired July 28th, 2021

Jacked Up Person of the Day at a wedding

Guests should know the unspoken rules. Her reasoning on this is a little funky. The wedding guests and the internet isn’t having it. Aired July 27th, 2021