Staci & Hutch are your entertaining friends in the afternoon from 2-7pm. Enjoy the fun and games with segments like Smarter than Staci and Buzzword!

Latest Episodes

Say What?!? Staci 1 VS Hutch 0

It wasn’t a great moment for playing a game that requires your brain… Can you get either phrase any faster or are you having one of those days too? Aired…

Jacked Up Person of the Day from Florida

You may have earned your badge but you don’t deserve to keep your authority. Especially after posting photographic evidence. Aired November 10th, 2020

Smarter Than Staci – November 10th, 2020

Actually… after an official recount Staci got all 6 questions correct! One question was the replacement so she only gets 5 points. Can you get all 6 questions right to…

Say What?!? Staci 4 VS Hutch 1

Someone here is all talk with few answers. Can you get more than 4 right faster than Staci? Aired November 9th, 2020

Smarter Than Staci – November 9th, 2020

Today the score came down to the Tie Breaker. Karen chose the Flip of a Coin and then Hutch tortured her with asking the Tie Breaker for “fun”! Can you…