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Possibly the Best Love ‘Em or List ‘Em Ever!

Alongside us and the listeners, we’ve helped, or at least have done our best to help hundreds and hundreds of people that have reached out to us asking for our advice and to be a part of Love ‘Em or List ‘Em. Over the years we’ve heard every dilemma, crisis, situation and story you could imagine. In fact, some of them you literally can’t even imagine. Like this one! You just have to hear it for yourself. If you’re new to Love ‘Em or List ‘Em, To summarize it shortly, it’s a segment we do Monday through Thursday around 7:50am every morning. We invite someone that informs us they have a situation and need our help, to join us on-air, explain their situation and then our listeners call in, text in or even email in their advice. Out of the hundreds and hundreds of Love ‘Em or List ‘Ems we’ve done, many are calling this one the best one ever! A Love ‘Em or List ‘Em that turns into a Ryan Breaks the News live on-air. You just have to hear this one for yourself. Click here to listen!