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Post Malone cannot keep his cool meeting idol Ozzy Osbourne: “Meeting him is terrifying!”

M Post Malone 081022
Courtesy Amazon Studios

Even Post Malone gets starstruck — and he admits his nerves nearly got the best of him when meeting his biggest idol, Ozzy Osbourne.

In a new clip promoting his upcoming concert documentary, Runaway, which premieres August 12 on Amazon-owned Freevee, the singer geeks out when meeting the Prince of Darkness for the first time.

The video was taken at Post’s 2019 show at The Forum, where Ozzy made a surprise appearance to join him in a performance of “Take What You Want.” 

The clip starts with Post approaching Ozzy — who is sitting on a wooden throne — to shake his hand. The singer exclaims, “You look great,” while affectionately putting his hand on the rock legend’s shoulder.  

“You excited?” Post asks. “You ready to party?” That earns a chuckle of approval from the rock star.

Post then has to get ready for his show, but he cannot stop looking back toward Ozzy, and gushes, “This is gonna be bada**, man!”

The documentary then flips to a one-on-one with the “Circles” singer, who recalls how he felt during that fateful moment.

“I was nervous meeting him. Not as much performing, but meeting him is terrifying because what the f*** do you say to Ozzy Osbourne? ‘I like your pants?’ I don’t know,” he admitted. You have no idea what the f*** to say to him.”

Post then geeked out just thinking about their performance. “It’s mind-blowing. It’s absolutely fucking mind-blowing being able to work with one of the biggest dudes in fucking rock and roll history. It’s pretty bada**,” he raved.

The two also performed the song at the American Music Awards with Travis Scott.

Post Malone: Runaway – which documents Post’s 2019 Runaway Tour — premieres August 12 on Freevee.  

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