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Post Malone couldn’t wait to be killed by Jason Statham in new film ‘Wrath of Man’

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When the trailer for Guy Ritchie‘s new revenge thriller Wrath of Man was released a while back, we saw none other than Post Malone getting gunned down by the film’s star, action hero Jason Statham.  Statham says that while some actors might be sad that they were getting killed onscreen, Post was actually psyched that Statham was going to blow him away.

In Wrath of Man, Statham plays a gangster named H who’s out to avenge his son’s death. He tells USA Today, “Post came in with this big enthusiasm for being killed that day. He’s like, ‘I can’t wait for you to kill me, man.’ I got sucked into that enthusiasm and he did a great job.”

“It’s just a shame that it was a short moment together,” he adds. “But I was privileged to pull the trigger in our little scene.”

But Statham adds that he also put the kibosh on a future opportunity to spend time with the “Circles” singer.

“He invited me to come make a record,” says the British star. “I quickly relieved him of that bad choice!”

Wrath of Man is out on Friday.

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