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Post Malone releases music video for “Insane”

Courtesy Republic Records

Post Malone released a music video to promote his new album, Twelve Carat Toothache.

He dropped the clip for “Insane,” which sees Post light a cigarette and dance alongside his in-ground pool. He is shirtless and barefoot in the music video, only wearing baggy cut-off pants, as he paces, bumps and grinds on the grass. However, there are moments the singer looks to be in total euphoria, then on the brink of a mental breakdown.

In all, the music video comes across as an experimental video he shot with friends as one of his buddies jumps into frame at random moments to crash the film.

“Insane” is off Post’s new album that was released Friday. It’s the latest track off Twelve Carat Toothache to get the music video treatment, following “Cooped Up” and “One Right Now.”

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