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Psychic-Medium Becky Costello Returns for Another Freak Week

Another Freak Week is in the book! As many know, every year the week leading up to Halloween is our Freak Week and the shows are filled with chills, thrills and a couple of mysteries. You can see a lot of the stuff with did this year on the KS95 Morning Show page. But, every year it’s very clear what the listeners favorite part of Freak Week is. Becky is a dear friend of the show and an incredible Psychic-Medium! Each year we invite listeners to apply on the KS95 Morning Show Facebook page as to why they would like Becky to do a reading for them. Listeners are chosen and then Becky does a reading for them on-air. Every year all of us are blown away by each and every reading. This year was certainly no different. You can listen to Becky’s reading for Crystal and Becky’s reading for Chris right here. To learn more about Becky and get in touch with her, visit visit Becky’s website.