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Reese’s Introduces Robotic Door To Help Trick Or Treat Safely

Photo Credit: Reese’s

Halloween is just around the corner, and some neighborhoods are struggling to figure out how to hand out candy while keeping everyone safe from the coronavirus. Well, Reese’s may have come up with a solution.

The delicious peanut butter cup brand is introducing what they’re calling the Reese’s Trick- or-Treat Door, a remote-controlled robotic door that hands out Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, with no human contact involved. The door has a Bluetooth-enabled speaker that activates when it hears “trick or treat,” and then a king-size Reese’s candy bar pops out through a mail slot from a retractable shelf.

So, how do you get this robotic door to come to your neighborhood? Well, all folks have to do is go to @Reeses on Instagram and tell them where to come, using #ReesesDoor.