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Ritt Momney’s still living by advice he got from original “Put Your Records On” artist Corinne Bailey Rae

Daniel Prokopcyk

Ritt Momney, the stage name of singer/songwriter Jack Rutter, scored a major hit with his cover of Corinne Bailey Rae‘s 2006 hit “Put Your Records On.”  Jack has only gotten the chance to speak to Corinne once, last year, but he says the advice she gave him during that time is something that continues to resonate with him.

“When all the ‘Put Your Records On’ stuff started happening, I was immediately up in my head and…overthinking everything I wrote…and she said she had sort of the same experience,” Jack tells ABC Audio. “Like, ‘Yeah, it’s super-exciting, but you can kind of beat yourself up in situations like that.'”

He continues, “She was basically saying, ‘You’re super lucky to be making music as your job, and just think about that and have fun with it.'”

Jack, who continues to work on new original music, says he’s still feeling the impact of Corinne’s words.

“Honestly…the conversation we had a long time ago, I still use that as inspiration,” he admits, explaining that it “gets me out of out of thinking about how everyone’s not going to like the next song unless it sounds like ‘Put Your Records On.'”

Jack adds, “Because of Corinne’s advice, I’ve been trying to be less deliberate about [making music] and just, like, kind of feel it, and let it come out, instead of being like, ‘O.K., I need to make an upbeat song now,’ and stuff like that…It’s definitely been helpful for a long time.” 

Jack is currently working on an album and has a few festival dates lined up for August and September.

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