Crisco, Dez & Ryan | Featured | KS95

Rivalry in the Making!


After Ryan was looking unbeatable since the creation of Top 3, winning the first six weeks in a row and causing us to ponder “Do we even keep doing Top 3 because Ryan continues to destroy everyone week after week?” it finally happened! The longest winning streak in Top 3 history was snapped. Who was this David that finally took down Goliath? Well, he simply goes by one name… Crisco. Crisco finally dethroned Ryan, winning the Top 3 smells debate. Was this just a random fluke or did Ryan suddenly have some sort of competition? The next Top 3 topic was set and only time would tell. Top 3 favorite cocktails. Crisco, Dez and Ryan picked their top 3 favs and released their choices to the fans. As usual, we posted our picks to our KS95 Morning Show Facebook page and solicited for your votes. Immediately, votes started flying in for Crisco and Ryan faster than when 2007 heart throb Sanjaya serenaded the world with A Quintessential Lullaby on season six of American Idol. #Sanjaya. It was neck in neck! One minute Crisco was in the lead, the next, Ryan. The battle waged on for days, throughout the entire weekend and into Tuesday. Finally, the results were in and there was a clear cut winner. But who was it? Could Crisco actually get back-to-back wins or will Ryan once again triumph over Crisco and Dez and reclaim his throne atop the Top 3 mountain and regain his title as Top 3 GOAT?! And the winner is… Drumroll… Silence… Hearts pounding! Breaths holding! The world completely still… And the winner is… CRISCO!! As silence filled the air, all you could hear wear gasps. Simultaneously we could all hear Al Michaels in the back of our minds as clear as a bell “Do you believe in Miracles?!” It was the 1980 Miracle On Ice 2.0. The Miracle On Mic! Crisco beats Ryan again for back to back wins. This was no fluke folks, Ryan truly does have competition now when it comes to Top 3, Crisco. He’s still got a ways to go to catch Ryan in the win column. Ryan with six wins, Crisco with two. But, as for who’s the GOAT of Top 3, that question remains very much unanswered. What is without a doubt, unequivocally undeniable, Dez certainly has cemented her title as the Top 3 WOAT. The worst of all-time. Although Dez may not be the best when it comes to Top 3, there’s one thing you can say about her Top 3 game, she is dependable! You can definitely count on her finishing dead last every week. As Top 3 becomes more and more popular and this fierce rivalry grows stronger and stronger, as always, we turn to you for guidance and answers. Please keep a close eye on the KS95 Morning Show Facebook page and vote on Top 3’s, interact with us and if you have any suggestions for Top 3 topics please feel free to let us know!