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Rob Thomas on how “Move” was the missing piece to Carlos Santana’s ‘Blessings and Miracles’

M Santana 081821

If Carlos Santana’s new album, Blessings and Miracles, were a painting, Rob Thomas says their collaborative track, “Move,” was the “one little color” that made it complete.

The Matchbox Twenty frontman tells ABC Audio the follow-up to 1999’s smash “Smooth” came about organically — and it just so happened to fit perfectly within the album Santana was already making.

“There was this beautiful moment that was happening in the universe where I was working with Zac [Barnett] and the guys from American Authors with this track and it just, it had this light to it,” Rob explains.

“And when I reached out to Carlos to see if he wanted to play guitar on it, it just turned out that he was making Blessings and Miracles. And it was like this painting that was missing this one little color and it turns out that ‘Move’ was the color that kind of fit into what he was doing.”

Rob says getting to be part of “this beautiful world that Carlos has created,” along with other album collaborators including Steve Winwood and Chris Stapleton, “was a gift.”

Blessings and Miracles is out now.

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