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Rod Stewart admits he's had a "big falling out" with Elton John: "We don't talk anymore"


Elton John’s friendship with Rod Stewart over the years was legendary. As detailed in Elton’s memoir Me, they enjoyed playing pranks on each other, giving one other gifts and having a friendly competition over whose records did better on the charts. They even had special nicknames for each other: Sharon and Phyllis. But unfortunately, it appears those days are over.

“We don’t talk to each other anymore…big falling out,” Rod admits on the podcast How to Wow, hosted by British media personality Chris Evans.

Rod didn’t say what caused the falling out, but in 2018, he took a swipe at Elton for announcing his farewell tour, claiming he was only doing it for the money, and calling it “dishonest” and “not rock ‘n roll.”

On the podcast, Rod said he used to be “very close” with Elton, but explained that the last time he emailed him, he invited Elton’s two young sons to come over and play on his private soccer field, but Elton “never got back to me.”

Asked if the split was “irreparable,” Rod said he didn’t know.  When Evans urged Rod to “pick up the phone” because “life’s too short,” Rod said, uncomfortably, “Let me think about it.”

Rod had better hope Elton doesn’t listen to the podcast, though, because he doesn’t say very nice things about Elton’s biopic, Rocketman.

“It was O.K., I just wished it hadn’t had been a musical…I mean the dancing outside the…house made it a bit Mamma Mia, I think,” said Rod. 

He personally thinks the best rock and roll movies ever made are Bohemian Rhapsody and Cadillac Records, the latter of which is about the famous Chess blues record label. That one stars Beyoncé, by the way.

By Andrea Dresdale
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