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Rod Stewart gifts nursing student $6500 after her COVID-19 recovery

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Rod Stewart has a reputation for being somewhat tight with his money, but he was anything but when it came to helping out a nursing student who recently recovered from COVID-19.

Britain’s ITV reports that Rod saw a video of Natasha Jenkins‘ reunion with her family after she was hospitalized with the coronavirus and had to spend 22 days on a ventilator.  He sent her a check for £5,000 — that’s just over $6500 — along with a note saying, “Hi Natasha, a small gift to help you through the rough times.”

Natasha, 36 and a mother of three, will require 12 months of rehab to fully recover and needs a walker to get around; she’s also been left with cognitive difficulties.  However, thanks to Rod’s gift, and the support of family and friends, she’s been able to re-take her exams — which she passed — and join a gym, which she says is helping her recover physically and mentally.

“When I saw what Rod Stewart had sent me I was absolutely gob-smacked,” says Natasha. “It was a really, really lovely kind thing for him to do.”

Despite his reputation, Sir Rod is actually quite a philanthropist and has worked with and donated money to charities for decades.  In fact, one of the reasons why he received a knighthood was because of his charity work.

By Andrea Dresdale
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