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Rollercoaster Week – What a Ride! The Story of “Buck$ For Babe”

It has been a rollercoaster of a week! It got off to a very sad, terrible start. After signs of not being her normal peppy self, Crisco had to take his beloved dog Babe to the pet emergency hospital late Sunday night. He had no idea what was going on, but he knew something wasn’t right. After holding her all night and literally sleeping on the concrete floor of the hospital just so he could comfort Babe, Crisco headed to the studio and still managed to do the show. Shortly after the show Crisco received a call from the pet emergency hospital notifying him the ultrasound results had come back. In that moment it was as if the world had stopped. Crisco was informed he was going to have to put Babe down. So later that day Crisco headed to the hospital to say goodbye to the love of his life, his best friend, and his soulmate for the last time. One of, if not the hardest moment of Crisco’s life. Babe was his life. Tuesday Dez and Ryan came up with an idea that would completely turn the week around and we had no idea how huge it would ultimately turn out to be! Let’s make a link where people can donate in honor of Babe’s name. Just like that “Buck$ For Babe” was born. One call and before we knew it, we were partnering with Secondhand Hounds. A wonderful nonprofit animal rescue shelter in Minnetonka. They were all about it and on board immediately. Next thing we know, we’re on the phone with CEO & President of Spire Credit Union Dan Stoltz. Just like he always is with us, he was immediately on board and willing to help however he could. He said he would match the first $10,000 donated. Boom! We were ready to rock N’ roll. Crisco had no idea about any of this. We decided we’re going to surprise him on-air Wednesday at 7:30am. So, come Wednesday morning right around 7:30am we hit the air joined by Rachel from Secondhand Hounds and Dan Stoltz of Spire Credit Union prepared to surprise Crisco. We informed Crisco that a fundraiser has been setup in honor of Babe’s name and we’re aiming to raise $10,000! Not only that, but Spire Credit Union is going to match every dollar up to 10K. Immediately the tears starting following all around. So, we make the announcement with the goal of reaching 10 thousand dollars. We know that’s a lot, but the KS95 listeners always come through. Well, in less than 15 minutes we had raised over 10K. Mr. Stoltz immediately called right back and said ok, since you already passed 10K, we’ll match the next five thousand dollars as well. We’ll match all the way up to $15,000. Donations continued to poor in, through Wednesday night into Thursday. It was amazing, but Dan wasn’t done. He was back with another announcement. You hit 10K, then you hit 15K, well how about $25,000?! Spire will match every single dollar up to 25K and we’ll come on-air Friday morning and announce the grand total. We were all in! The goal was originally $10,000, now we’re aiming for $50,000. It was electric! People we’re texting in, calling in, emailing non-stop “I just donated!” “We love you Crisco, hugs and we just donated.” “Crisco, I just went through the same situation, thinking of you and just donated to Buck$ For Babe.” Amazing, incredible, phenomenal, those are all understatements! There’s no words to describe what we were experiencing. Secondhand Hounds said they have literally never seen anything like this. Well Secondhand Hounds, let us introduce you to the KS95 family : ) Finally Friday morning was upon us. At 9:20am Dan Stoltz and along with a few more Spire Credit Union employees came in studio. Rachel and other Secondhand Hounds volunteers joined us in studio as well armed with adorable puppies. We were all ready for the final grand total amount announcement! With listener donations along with Spire’s dollar for dollar match the goal was $50,000. Is there any chance we could’ve raised 50K?? Que drum roll! It was very, very close, but did we hit 50 thousand dollars? The final grand total was… $94,500!!! 94.5 THOUSAND DOLLARS!!! Absolutely amazing! That’s KS95 listeners though. They more than come through every. single. time. The money you guys donated is going to rescue and save thousands upon thousands of animals just like Babe. So yeah, it was an up and down rollercoaster of a week. What started out as a very low low, ended as a very high high and it’s all thanks to you our listeners and the wonderful relationships and partnerships we’ve built over the years. So, from the bottom of our hearts we just want to say a very sincere thank you! We are so, so proud and honored to be a part of this wonderful family we call KS95. Buck$ For Babe was such a success that the link we permanently remain up. So it’s not too late to donate. Click here to learn more and/or donate. Once more, THANK YOU!!