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"Rude" dude goes solo with new EP 'Here for You'

Brandon Espeleta

Remember that reggae song “Rude,” which topped the charts for six weeks back in 2014?  Well, now the guy who sang it has gone solo.

Nasri, front man for the Canadian band MAGIC!, has just released an EP called Here for You. A video for the EP’s sensual first track, “Do With Me What You Want” is also out now.

Of course, Nasri hasn’t just been sitting around doing nothing in the years since Rude.  He released three albums with MAGIC! and has continued to work on music for a wide range of artists, which is what he was doing before “Rude” became a hit.  In fact, he worked on several albums which are currently Grammy-nominated, including Justin Bieber‘s Changes and John Legend‘s Bigger Love.

Other artists Nasri has worked with in the past include Halsey, Shakira, Usher and Robin Thicke.  In a statement, he says, “I’m a songwriter”. Sometimes I sing the songs and sometimes other people do. I feel great about these new songs on my EP and I can’t wait for the world to hear them.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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