Crisco, Dez & Ryan

Rudy and the Catwalkers – The Boys State High School Hockey Tournament Song!


Rudy and the Catwalkers are back with another annual hit to celebrate the return of The Boys State High School Hockey Tournament!

The tournament, which takes place over the coming days into the weekend, has been a tough one to plan with COVID-19 still present as a major consideration for fan attendance and play for the boys themselves. Positive COVID tests have already found their way to players in both the boys and girls tournament, with the defending state champions Hill-Murray having to forfeit today’s game after a recent opponent recorded a positive test. A similar instance unfolded for the Centennial girls hockey team as their Class 2A quarterfinal game against Edina was canceled due to a positive test.

On a brighter note – we wish good luck to every participant in state high school sports tournaments over the coming weeks, and hope Rudy and the Catwalkers can bring a few smiles and maybe a laugh or two into your tourney traditions!🙌