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Ry-Guy the Pie Guy!

Ryan came in studio with a very hot take yesterday! Proclaiming Betty’s Pie in Two Harbors is overrated and there are definitely better places. This quickly sparked a conversation on air that continued off air. This passionate conversation led to Ryan and Dez joining forces to create what people are calling a brilliant idea. It’s certainly a VERY exciting idea. The plan was kept very quiet, until yesterday… When Ryan broke his silence and laid the entire plan out on the table on our After Hours podcast! Click here to hear Ryan tell all about his exciting new venture. If you’re hooked like the rest of us, you can hear the next step he took that very night, getting him and all of us one step closer to making this glorious dream a reality. You can listen to this giant leap for mankind take place the very next day, again, on the After Hours Podcast right here!