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Ryan Reynolds is using Twitter and $5K to help find a lost teddy bear in Vancouver

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Ryan Reynolds might be seemingly full of sarcasm and humor, but deep down we all know he’s a really great guy. Seriously, he’s one of our favorites for a reason. Deborah Goble, a Canadian Broadcasting Company reporter based in Vancouver tweeted to her followers asking for help tracking down a stolen teddy bear that means a lot to its original owner. When you read the story you immediately know why this particular teddy bear was extra special. Reynolds saw the tweet and not only shared it, but added his own incentive to the mix.

Other celebrities saw the tweet, and were clearly inspired, too. Scrubs star Zach Braff and Schitt’s Creek co-creator and star Dan Levy decided to use their platforms to aid in the search.

As of today, we aren’t sure of the teddy bear’s status, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed for Mara.