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Ryan Tedder reveals last-minute mystery collab for ‘Space Jam 2’

ABC/Eric McCandless

Ryan Tedder has revealed he’s contributing to Space Jam 2 in a major way.

In a new interview with Variety, the OneRepublic frontman says he got a last minute call from the music supervisor on the film, asking him to write a song for one of the movie’s big scenes.

“‘We need a song. We need a major artist attached to it. It’s last minute. But if I show you the three-minute scene, can you write the song for this scene in Space Jam 2?’” he recalls the person saying.

“And I said yes, on a Thursday,” Ryan continues. “On a Friday, I partnered with a major huge artist who just won a Grammy — I can’t say who it is yet. We wrote a song, I produced it, and it’s now in the movie and a single.”

Since some of the “major huge artists” who “just won a Grammy” include Harry Styles, Dua Lipa and Taylor Swift, it should be interesting to see who Ryan is talking about.

While we have to wait a bit longer to get more details on that track, this week Ryan did release his first collection of NFTs, or non-fungible tokens. One of the NFTs — which are essentially unique digital collectibles — is a new song by Ryan called “Nakamoto” — that’s the alias used by the guy who invented the technology that makes NFTs possible.

“The lyrics in the chorus are like, ‘This ain’t no wave, it’s an ocean,’” Ryan says. “That’s the hook. That’s my analogy to the future of NFTs and the future of crypto: It’s not a wave, it’s an ocean.”

Space Jam 2 comes out July 16.

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