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Sam Smith reveals they had a hair transplant two years ago

Alasdair McLellan

In a video for Vogue revealing their beauty routine, Sam Smith also revealed that they’ve had some work done…on their hairline.

“My hair is actually very, it’s been a touchy place for me, actually,” the singer says. “So, I haven’t actually spoken about this before. So I’m gonna speak about it, ’cause I don’t actually feel like I have anything to hide. But I was losing my hair…about two years ago. And so my hairdresser Paul basically said that he thinks it would be a good idea for me to get a transplant, and to look into it.”

“I looked into it, and I went to Ireland, and I have had a hair transplant,” Sam continues. “How stunning is it? It’s nice to have hair. But also, if I was bald, I would still own it too. Because bald is beautiful.”

In the video, Sam also revealed their beauty icons are Rihanna, Lady Gaga and their own mother.

“So my dad was a house husband and my mum worked in the city,” they explain. “So my mum’s very non binary, to be quite honest, she’s very, very strong, and powerful.”

“She wears suits most of the time, high-waisted trousers, all dark colors, black. And when it comes to makeup as well, it’s powerful on her face. And I was always very, very inspired by my mum.”

Sam’s new album Love Goes is out tomorrow.

By Andrea Dresdale
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