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Sam Smith says new album 'Love Goes' is a "break-up album" — but it'll make you dance

Capitol Records

Sam Smith‘s made a career of singing songs about heartbreak, and their new album is no different — except this time, you can dance to it.

Speaking to the U.K.’s Capital FM, Sam said Love Goes, which is coming out October 30, is “more cathartic” than their past releases.

“Normally, in the album before, I would speak about love, and I would really linger on the fact that I was in pain,” Sam explained.  “And then this album was more like, ‘I’m heartbroken, but I need to get in the studio, and I don’t want to talk about it — I just want to dance!’ And then I talk about it through dancing, a little bit.”

“So it is kind of a break-up album,” Sam continued. “But it’s more like, ‘Shake them off, dance them away.'”

In a note on Instagram about the new release, Sam wrote that making the album had been “so magical and so therapeutic and FUN,” adding, “I tried not to make myself too seriously when writing a few of these songs and I hope they make you smile, because they made — and they make — me smile.”

Sam suggested fans treat each song on Love Goes “like a different flower from the garden” — a concept which seems to have inspired their new merch line.  The new collection features hoodies, t-shirts, caps and tote bags, all embroidered with a collection of different colorful flowers.

By Andrea Dresdale
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