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Sea turtles are thriving in the current conditions


Even though these restrictions aren’t the most fun, social distance and self quarantine around the world has allowed sea turtles to thrive!

Over in eastern India, where sea turtles are notoriously vulnerable and threatened by both pollution and human activities, thousands of olive tortoises took advantage of the distance. The tortoises used this time to lay their eggs without being disturbed!

It is estimated that, in total, there will be about 60 million eggs laid.

Check out a few photos below:

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The arribada or the mass nesting of olive Ridleys is nothing short of magic. Olive Ridleys live in oceans and only come to land to nest. When the females grow up, they return to the same beaches to lay eggs. How they navigate back was a mystery for a long time but recent science suggests that individual beaches have magnetic fields unique to them. When the turtles hatch, these fields are imprinted into their brains, allowing them to sense it when they need to return. It’s a magnificent internal compass as accurate as the latitudes and longitudes used by humans. Read a spectacular story by Swati Thiyagarajan @swatithiyagarajan on the nesting phenomenon on our website. Link in bio. . Photo: Kartik Shanker @shanker_kartik #arribada #odisha #oliveridley #oliveridleyturtle #nesting #rushikulya #turtle #India #wildlife #conservation #biodiversity #wildlifeIndia #turtles🐢 #massnesting #breed #naturalworld #rgsustain

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