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Secret Ingredients!

The other day we were just sitting in the studio after the show having a casual conversation. Ryan brought up the fact that over the weekend he finally learned the secret ingredient to getting spotless and streak-free windows. He finally got the professional window cleaner to spill the beans on the industry secret. The secret ingredient may surprise you and it’s so simple! So what’s the recipe to getting perfect looking windows, mirrors and more? It’s simply warm water and Dial dish soap. Professional window washers simply fill their buckets with warm water (has to be warm) and Dial dish soap. We tested it out and it absolutely works! After years of experimenting, trial and error, and non-stop nagging of the Hubbard chef, Dez finally got the secret ingredients out of him to her favorite salad. We are incredibly fortunate to have a fantastic chef here in our building, Tom and he makes a delicious, infamous Asian Zing salad that people literally lineup all the way outside the door to get their hands on. What were the secret ingredients Dez was missing to this mouthwatering Asian Zing dressing? Well, many MANY people have begged Tom for his recipe and for all these years he hasn’t told a single soul. Until now… He was so sick of Dez he finally cracked and gave her the ingredients that she could not figure out. After dozens and dozens of attempts to crack the code and failing, Tom finally told Dez what she was missing… Powdered ginger and cayenne pepper. She finally had the secret ingredients! So, we asked listeners if they have any secret ingredients. As usual, boy did you guys come through! Here are some of the secret ingredients listeners suggested.
• I use Velveeta in my fudge.
• Panera’s tea and juices are just syrup and water mixed together.
• A couple tablespoons of Sriracha in the water while cooking the pasta for Kraft Mac and Cheese
• I toss a can of mandarin oranges into my Pina colada. Blend it up and no one knows why they taste so awesome.
• Splash orange juice in margaritas. Can of cream of mushroom in with the roux for biscuits and gravy. Also add splash Worcestershire sauce.
• Sour cream in banana bread! Chefs kiss!
• Almond extract in pancakes
• My family secret – A shot of whiskey in my chocolate chip cookies
• Use unsweetened applesauce in baked items instead of oil. Less calories/ healthier/moister.
• French Toasts secret ingredient is apple pie spice
• Bakers Square Hawaiian Strawberry pie, the filling can be recreated using French Vanilla instant pudding and heavy cream instead of milk
• Brandy in apple pie
• Soda crackers in meatloaf so it holds together the loaf.
• For the best scrambled eggs take two or three eggs, 1 oz. of coffee creamer, French vanilla, and some diced red onion all scrambled in the pan together.
• Add vanilla pudding packet to your cookie batter and they will come out perfect from the oven every time.

For the full list of secret ingredients you can listen to the segment here.