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See how The Weeknd got that "botched plastic surgery" look in his new video


On Tuesday, The Weeknd shocked fans by showing off a new look in his video for the song “Save Your Tears.”  Instead of the bloodied, bruised face or the bandages he’s been wearing while promoting his album After Hours, he appeared to have been grotesquely transformed by plastic surgery.  But as you’ve probably guessed, it was all created with makeup and prosthetics.

Mike Marino, the artist behind the Canadian star’s look, has posted a few behind-the-scenes photos of the molds he created to make the prosthetics.  He says he used “four prosthetic appliances” overall to make Weeknd’s cheeks and lips look overly filled and Botox-ed.

Marino describes the look as “weird plastic surgery.”  Fans have created memes comparing The Weeknd’s look to Handsome Squidward in SpongeBob Squarepants.  They’ve also expressed the belief that singer is dissing his much-publicized Grammys snub in the clip, because of the scene in which he holds a trophy cup and then throws it across the room.

“Save Your Tears” is the latest single from After Hours, which includes The Weekend’s record-breaking number-one hit “Blinding Lights.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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