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Selena Gomez producing music documentary ‘Won’t Be Silent’ for Discovery+

Gotham/GC Images

Hot on the heels of being the subject of an Apple+ documentary, Selena Gomez is now pivoting to producing a documentary for Discovery +.

The singer and actress is teaming up with Georgia politician and activist Stacey Abrams to produce Won’t Be Silent, a film about impactful songs and the female artists who recorded them. It’s described as “a love letter to the women in music who have used their voices to change the course of history with their art and activism.”

In a statement, Selena says, “The powerful women we will be highlighting are not only talented but have been on the frontline of pushing culture forward and holding a mirror up to political and social injustices.”

Abrams adds, “Throughout history, women in music have used their art as activism by bringing attention to issues impacting our nation and world. Won’t Be Silent is a celebration of the artists who have contributed to bettering the world through their timeless music.

So far, there are no details about which songs will be highlighted in the documentary. Will Selena be featuring any tunes by her BFF Taylor Swift? We’ll just have to wait and find out.

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