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Selena Gomez rebooting ‘Sixteen Candles’ as ’15 Candles’


John Hughes‘ classic 1984 teen romcom Sixteen Candles is about to get a makeover, courtesy of Selena Gomez.

Variety reports that Selena is developing a TV series that reimagines the movie — about a high school girl whose whole family forgets her 16th birthday in the chaos leading up to her sister’s wedding — as a story about four young Latinas. 

Renamed 15 Candles, it will explore how the girls struggle with “feelings of invisibility” and “what it means to leave childhood behind as quinceañera season approaches.”

In Mexican and Latin American culture, a quinceañera is the equivalent of a Sweet Sixteen party, except it celebrates a girl’s fifteenth birthday.

Selena is executive-producing 15 Candles, which will stream on Peacock, with two partners.

The original Sixteen Candles was Hughes’ first film to feature Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall, both of whom who went on to appear in other of his films. Both co-starred in The Breakfast Club, while Hall starred in Weird Science and Ringwald starred in Pretty in Pink.

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