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Selena Gomez shares tips on how to get out of bed during a bad mental health day

Rare Beauty Founder And Creator Selena Gomez Visits Sephora Times Square
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Getting out of bed is something people do every day, but that task can sometimes feel impossible for those struggling with their mental health.  Selena Gomez understands that battle all too well and shared the steps she takes to get herself out from under the covers. 

“Sometimes I’m not good at it.  It just happens where I’ll wake up and… l struggle,” the Grammy nominee confessed in a new Instagram post. 

Selena, who has previously opened up about her depression and anxiety, continued, “What helps me, first and foremost, [is] just picking up the phone and calling someone.”

She also says understanding why this happens also helps, which is why she will “constantly try to fill myself with knowledge of what it is that I am feeling and the triggers that happen to me.” Selena says doing that allows her to “take a step back and think of all the tools I’ve learned and try to implement them in my everyday life.”

The “Lose You to Love Me” singer also encouraged her followers to exercise, even though she’s not a fan of it herself. “I hate working out!,” she quipped. “It is not fun.”

Despite how she feels about working up a sweat, Selena said taking “intense boxing classes” helps her mentally because she’s able to release her pent -p frustration and energy.  “It feels so good,” she added.

The video was a teaser for Selena’s upcoming mental health platform, Wondermind, which launches next year.

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