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Shawn Mendes says he is rebuilding his trust in people after Camila Cabello split

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Shawn Mendes provided a glimpse of how he’s healing from his breakup from girlfriend Camila Cabello and says he is learning to “trust people” again.

Speaking to SiriusXM, the Grammy winner shared advice on how someone can heal a broken heart and return to life without needing their other half.

Shawn said he is moving on by “giving myself a lot of grace and not being too hard on myself about the feelings and the spikes of ‘I’m good’ and spikes of ‘I’m not good.'”  He continued, “A big one for me was realizing that there’s so many people in my life that I can rely on.”

“I don’t just have to put all of my hardship onto one person,” Shawn said, adding it was “a huge thing” for him.  “It was learning how to trust my friends again.  Learning how to trust my family.  Learning how to trust people around me in my life instead of just calling one person — I had, now, six people I could call.”

Shawn said he also had to take a “lot of deep breaths and telling myself, ‘You’re good, man,'” so he could “be a stabilizing force for myself.”

The “It’ll Be Okay” singer said one needs to combine both of these practices when overcoming a broken heart, warning, “You can’t just isolate yourself and be like, ‘I’m gonna deal with this on my own’ because that’ll eventually come back around and get you.”

Shawn and Camila dated for two years before announcing in November that they were going their separate ways.  Both have since issued songs believed to be about their breakup.

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