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Sheryl Crow releases politically charged song and video, “The End”

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After re-releasing her 2012 track “Woman in the World,” Sheryl Crow has released a new politically-charged song called “The End.”

The lyrics tell the story of a country in turmoil and the corrupt leaders who are fueling the flames.

“There’s a fly on the wall/In the house on the hill/Where the king of the world watches TV/And the people all wait/For his latest mandate/To a nation of angry believers,” she begins.

“His words are a drug/While his loyal band of thugs/Cover up all his many transgressions/The fly lands on his ear/And whispers ‘what’s there to fear’/As long as you’re still the obsession,” Sheryl continues.

In the chorus, she warns, “You get back what you give in the end.”

The animated video for the song gets even more specific, with images of President Donald Trump and other politicians sporting a pig’s snout and devil’s horns. The video also takes aim at Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Fox News, interspersed with images of protests and the COVID-19 pandemic.

By Andrea Tuccillo
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