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Maternity Leave is on starting...

Now! I want to say THANK YOU! To everyone being so happy for me and Bryan and our son… almost here… or here already depending on when you’re reading this....

Do we all see the same TikToks? Here's a sample of my current faves.

This is so helpful! Can’t wait to get out and posin’ with my posse. @mistyroddaphotographyCommon posing mistakes fixed – BFF edition! #posingtips #posinghacks #posingwithfriends #photographytips #fypシ @avaryishere ♬ Levitating (feat....

After 52 years a local roller rink is closing its doors next month.

I’ve only been to this rink a time or two and I remember it being big and fun! A few weeks left to skate there if you’re feeling nostalgic! To...

More Neat Drone Footage - The making of a Local Irish-American Whiskey Distillery - Behind The Scenes

The O’Shaughnessy cousins Patrick and Michael are building O’Shaughnessy Distillery and have plans to open this summer. It’ll be nearby Surly Brewing which is getting ready to reopen this summer...

Gave me Goosebumps - KS95 Artist Duncan Laurence & Fletcher Perform "Arcade"

Duncan Laurence and Fletcher performing together for The Ellen DeGeneres Show but from different locations. Technology is awesome. I have a new appreciation for their craft and I’ve really been...

Awesome Local Drone Footage at Bowling Alley - What do you miss?

I have missed bowling so much! Click here for the news coverage from KSTP-TV That drone footage is so cool! And has me in the mood for Turkey! Ha! I’m...

Starting poolhall fights everywhere? Olivia Rodrigo's - Drivers License

Who knew we needed an SNL breakdown of Olivia Rodrigo’s – Drivers License? I was licensed at 16 but rode the school bus all the way through senior year. I...

Norway Mountain Top Concert Livestream with Kygo

Tickets are $15 for the Livestream or there are packages that cost more but include a t-shirt or your choice of headphones or earbuds that Kygo helped create. Ticket info:...

Laid on the couch watching and wondering...

Would I ever put that much effort into making something that exceptional for myself? It appears as though it only takes her one full day… how can that be possible?!...

"Clouds" Original Movie on Disney+ Soundtrack includes New Music from OneRepublic! Listen to "Wild Life"

The lead-off single for the original movie “Clouds” on Disney+ is “Wild Life” from OneRepublic! See the full story here. Inspired real-life events, Clouds tells the story of Zach Sobiech, a 17-year-old...




Favorite food? Eggs, Fish, Chocolate Chip Cookies and Ice Cream

Favorite game? Games like Charades, Disc Golf

Ideal vacation? A snowboard trip, MN camping & hiking trip or a Tulum, Mexico beach vacation. Including activities like swimming, craft beer & wine, indulging in and trying new foods and massages.

Travel essential? Sunglasses and sunscreen

Hobbies? Biking, Disc Golf, Make-up tutorials, Fishing, Snowboarding, Listening to self-improvement audio books

Hidden talent? The humming whistle.

Social media you can’t live without?Facebook because it’s easy to keep up with friends and fam all over the world.

Dog or Cat? Dog

Favorite Movie? Mary Poppins, Happy Gilmore, Liar Liar

TV Show you can’t miss? I don’t own a TV and don’t watch much but I can get sucked into just about anything that’s not gory.

Someone who always makes you laugh? Amy Poehler and both my mom and step mom.

Can’t have too many of? Pairs of socks & undies

Guilty pleasure? A great face mask, naptime, chocolate covered cashews and macchiato’s.

Who inspires you, why? People with muscles, because it takes persistence to tone-up. Mel Robbins, because she thinks motivation is a myth and encourages getting stuff done.

If you were a car what would you be and why? A minivan because it’s like a giant purse on wheels and I can bring everything I need and a crew too.

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be? I want to keep embracing my adventurous side and take more chances on myself.

Would you rather spend a night out on the town with Ed Sheeran or Justin Timberlake? Katy Perry! Girl’s night! We’d get dressed up in outrageous costumes, big hair and make-up and dance, karaoke and pose for silly pictures.