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The KS95 for Kids Radiothon is an annual on-air fundraiser benefiting two local charities, Gillette Children’s and M Health Fairview Masonic Children’s Hospital Cancer Program. To date, KS95 for Kids has raised over $19 million. We look forward to continuing to make an impact with your support.


Click the any of the red “Donate” buttons anywhere on this page to help children in your community get the effective treatments and life-changing surgeries they deserve — so they focus on just being a kid.


When you donate to the KS95 for Kids Radiothon, you’re making it possible for kids around the globe and in our own backyard overcome childhood cancer, traumatic injuries and other health challenges.


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  • Gillette Children’s researchers and child life staff are using Virtual Reality technology to relieve pain and anxiety in patients following surgery and utilizing it as a coping tool during procedures.
  • Gillette Children’s rehab therapists are implementing animal assisted therapy to help comfort patients recovering from surgery, motivate patients to reach new milestones in their rehabilitation and reduce physical and emotional pain in both patients and their families.
  • Gillette Children’s neurologists and researchers are using Vagus Nerve Stimulation to control seizures in patients with Epilepsy, including one of the youngest-ever patients to undergo VNS.
  • Gillette Children’s Music Therapists use music to provide support and distraction during medical procedures, help your child cope with a hospital stay, and encourage the growth of physical, thinking and learning abilities.
  • Gillette Children’s never turns a child or family away due to the inability to pay, with support from KS95 for Kids over 1,018 families received financial assistance to cover services and care provided by Gillette.



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  • Providing pediatric cancer patients with access to more clinical trials and new treatments than anywhere else in Minnesota. Many of the treatments available to children with cancer were pioneered here at our National Center Institute-designated research facility, Masonic Cancer Center, University of Minnesota. Our discoveries often become the standard of care for patients around the world. 
  • Developing new therapies including cell, gene, and immune-based therapies, that improve cure rates and make treatments highly effective and safer for patients. We’re home to a ground-breaking development of a potential treatment for pediatric brain tumors, the number one cause of cancer deaths in children. 
  • Elevating patient experience and care through innovative spaces and enhanced programs including integrative and nature-based therapies while providing the best possible care to patients facing cancer right now. 
  • Improving childhood cancer survivorship, helping more patients not only survive but thrive. M Health Fairview Masonic Children’s Hospital is the birthplace of childhood cancer survivorship and continues to build on this pioneering legacy through the integration of clinical care and research to improve outcomes for cancer survivors. 
  • Leveraging big data to expand our understanding of cancer causes and outcomes.  Putting that knowledge to work in our research for cancers like Ewing sarcoma to more accurately target the disease with pharmaceutical or immunotherapy interventions. 


KS95 for Kids

Bailey Schlosser Bailey was just four years old and diagnosed with B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on March 8th of this year. She developed a cough that persisted for 2 weeks...


Lily Young In January of 2022 the entire family had COVID, Lily had complained of headaches for weeks after recovering so we contacted her doctor. They suggested an MRI to...


Pax Hoekstra Pax was diagnosed with yolk sac cancer in June of 2023. He went through 4 rounds of chemotherapy throughout the summer, and it was determined that his cancer...

Ely "Ellie"

Ely “Ellie” Plasencia Ely spent much of her first year of life in a hospital setting as she was diagnosed with high risk infant B cell ALL (acute lymphoblastic leukemia)...


Emily Reetz It was late summer of 2016 at Emily’s kindergarten check-up where there were concerns over her visual exam, which they prescribed Emily new glasses, and she went on...


Bailey Williams Bailey Williams is an amazing thirteen-year-old. She loves school and is truly a social butterfly, always making new friends. She loves to play adaptive baseball for the Twin...


Holli Harter Some of the things seven-year-old Holli loves about school are getting candy on her birthday, math (she could do math all day!) and swinging during recess. Her specialized...


Layne Hilsgen Layne is a force of nature. Her parents, Amy and Clint, waited for a long time to welcome a child into their family – but when it came time...


Noa Strei Nine-year-old Noa goes by “Nitro Noa” – and for good reasons. She is a force of nature, unafraid to try things new to her, no matter the obstacle....


Leo St. Martin Leo St. Martin is all about sports. Baseball, soccer, golf – you name it, he wants to play it. And for the most part, he does.   “Leo...