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HUTCH'S OLIVE CHEESE BREAD, That he stole from the Pioneer Woman.

This is my favorite Big Game snack!

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Favorite food?  Ice cream

Favorite game?  Game of Thrones

Ideal vacation? Someplace where I can explore!

Travel essential? My phone to take pictures, video and navigate!

Hobbies?  Running, kayaking, SUP, theater

Hidden talent?  I can play the ukulele.

Social media you can’t live without? YouTube.  I learn so much there!

Dog or Cat? Both!

Favorite Movie? The Help 

TV Show you can’t miss? I still love to watch The Office

Someone who always makes you laugh?  My husband.

Can’t have too many of? Lip balm

Guilty pleasure? Mean Girls movie

If it were possible, who would you like to trade lives with? Megan Markle

Who inspires you, why? Tina Fey.  She’s ambitious and her comedy writing is smart, inventive and clever.

If you were a car what would you be and why?  I’d be one of those cars from The Jetson’s cartoons ‘cuz I like gadgets like that.

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be? I’d disable my brain’s ability to crave sugar and junk food.

Would you rather spend a night out on the town with Ed Sheeran or Justin Timberlake? Ed Sheeran.  We are both geeks and I think we could blend into the wallpaper nicely together.



Hey what’s up it’s hutch, I’m stoked to be a part of the KS95 crew! I was born in St. Louis Missouri but have lived across the United States in Massachusetts and Florida and South Dakota and Iowa, but I called Minnesota home. I’ve been in Minnesota since 2006 where I’ve met my wife and have two amazing children. I love living in the Twin Cities with so much to do. And get back to mankato frequently to visit family.

Favorite food?  Cheeseburger

Favorite game?  Mario Kart

Ideal vacation?  Any Disney destination

Travel essential?  My wife and kids

Hobbies?  Watching movies

Hidden talent?  I can do muppet and cartoon voices

Social media you can’t live without? Facebook

Dog or Cat?  Dog

Favorite Movie?  Saving Mr. Banks

TV Show you can’t miss?  Ozark

Someone who always makes you laugh?  Staci

Can’t have too many of?  Pizza slices

Guilty pleasure?  Avril Lavigne

If it were possible, who would you like to trade lives with?  Anyone younger and rich!

Who inspires you, why? Expected answer but so true… My wife! She is an amazing mother and spouse and I learn from her everyday. She amazes me.

If you were a car what would you be and why?  Whichever one lasts the longest!

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?  I wouldn’t

Would you rather spend a night out on the town with Ed Sheeran or Justin Timberlake?  Ed Sheeran! Calm, cool, and collective. If I happen to get too crazy on our night out I know he’ll take care of me.


Get to Know Wren

Wren is ecstatic to be back home in the Twin Cities with her husband Adam and their cat Charlie. At the end of the day, you will find her studying or diving into a research project.  Wren loves to cross country and downhill ski in the winter. She practices heated yoga and meditation year round.  Wren is a sports enthusiast cheering on baseball, hockey, and winter sports. She is passionate about the arts and when she can find some extra time, she enjoys making drawings, paintings, or pottery. 

Before her start in TV, Wren worked as a chemist and has co-authored multiple publications, primarily in organic synthesis, even more particularly in relation to indole dimer chemistry.

Wren holds a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology from Mississippi State University. In addition, she holds degrees in Chemistry and Anthropology from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. She is currently in a Master’s of Science Program at Johns Hopkins University studying Environmental Science and Policy with a Climate and Energy Track.  Wren is also an active member of the American Meteorological Society.   

Wren is a Hopkins native who began her broadcasting career in Rhinelander, Wisconsin forecasting snowstorms and lake effect snow off Lake Superior. In Boston, she covered weather events including the February 2017 blizzard and historic flooding from the “bomb cyclone” in January 2018 (She doesn’t like to use the term bomb cyclone because it actually doesn’t mean anything, but it became a popular description of the storm where bombogenesis occurred).  KSTP welcomed her back to Minnesota in June 2018.


“How did you get interested in meteorology?”

Originally through atmospheric chemistry, plus an interest and course material in geo hazards.  Ever since I was a kid, I had a fascination with climate on Earth throughout its ancient history.

“What’s the hardest part about your job?”

Navigating social media.

“What does ‘Minnesota’s Weather Authority’ mean to you?”

It is a responsibility to serve the public and provide a quality product to enhance community safety.

“What’s your favorite season and why?”

I like every season except early to mid-spring.

“If you weren’t a meteorologist, what would you be?”

Atmospheric/climate researcher, potentially with policy implications.


Top 10 with Wren

Music:              Flexible

Movie/Play:      The Phantom of the Opera

TV Show:          Schitt’s Creek

Book:                All weather and climate related books

Food:                Chinese

Restaurant:       Runyon’s or Stray Dog

Sport’s Team:    Minnesota Twins

Vacation Spot: Big Island Hawaii

Holiday:            Christmas – it is the only one I decorate for and the lights and events make the shorter daylight days still enjoyable