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Elf on the Shelf Alternative!

I told Santa years ago to never let the elf visit our home and now that my child is older she wants to know whyyyy the elf doesn’t come to...

Candy Cane Ring Inspired by the movie Elf

OMG I saw this and I’m SO JEALOUS I didn’t know about this ring when I got engaged a billion years ago! HOW FREAKING CUTE IS THIS?? Angelic Diamonds has...

Robin Williams Daughter's First Movie!

This movie looks pretty good! It’s Robin Williams’ daughter Zelda’s directorial debut.

Birthday Weekend of Fall Fun!

Looking for a fun fall weekend? Go to St. Croix! We spent an entire day there and the fall colors alone was worth the drive! (it’s over an hour drive...

The BEST Halloween Decoration!

Check this out! I’m obsessed, it’s legit scary at night lol The witch looks like she’s flying and her mouth moves, she talks, lights up…its so cool. I had the...

New Tattoo

These past 4.5 months without my Kitty dog have been so hard. There are so many times I want to cry my face off recently but I know once I...

Ed Sheeran at The Lego Store!

This is awesome and wish I would have been at MOA on Saturday! I loved Ed’s show at USbank! It’s so hit or miss as far as the sound quality...

New Season of Only Murders In The Building

I LOVE this show and season 3 looks amazing!  It’s out August 8th on Hulu! Watch the first two seasons, its fantastic! Here is the trailer for season 3! Paul...

4th Weekend with TJ and Fam

Hope you had an amazing holiday.  We did so many of the things, my days are so backwards. Thanks for checking out some of my fun highlights! My family that...

Check out This Travel Blog

A really good friend of mine, Robyn has started a travel blog that I think is amazing so I wanted to share it with you. She tells her story in...




I was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska went to Wayne State College in Wayne, NE and have lived in various states since including New York, California, Utah, and Tennessee. My family currently lives in Omaha, Las Vegas and Minneapolis.

Favorite food?  ALL THE CARBS

Favorite game?  Best fiends

Ideal vacation?  Anywhere with an ocean and palm trees

Travel essential?  iPad for my 3 year old

Hobbies?  Watching Husker football games, going to concerts, hikes, all basic fall activities

Hidden talent?  I can sing the states in alphabetical order

Social Media you can’t live without? Prob Facebook so I can be all up in my people’s business.

Dog or Cat? Dog named Kitty (and Zoey)

Favorite Movie? Elf and Overboard

TV Show you can’t miss? Obsessed with Yellowstone right now!

Someone who always makes you laugh?  My husband is hilarious

Can’t have too many of? Holiday decorations!

Guilty pleasure?  Food. I want to eat all the things but I also want to be healthy

If it were possible, who would you like to trade lives with?  My husband so I can understand why he throws his dirty clothes NEXT to the hamper but not in it.

Who inspires you, why?  I find I’m constantly inspired by younger generations

If you were a car what would you be and why? Prob some sports car that’s had a lot of work

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?  To give myself more grace and I’ve always wanted a nose job

Would you rather spend a night out on the town with Ed Sheeran or Justin Timberlake?  JT for sure! He’s hilarious and I’d want him to show me some dance moves.