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Sinéad O'Connor reveals she's entered rehab for trauma and addiction: "Now recovery starts"

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“Nothing Compares 2 U” singer Sinéad O’Connor announced on Tuesday that she will be entering rehab that specializes in treating addiction and trauma.

The 53-year-old Irish singer also revealed that, in order to work on her mental and physical health, she will delay her tour for another year.

“Message for folks who have tickets for next year’s shows: those shows are being postponed until 2022 so that I may go into a one year trauma and addiction treatment program,” O’Connor revealed on her personal Twitter. “I had a very traumatic six years and this year was the end of it but now recovery starts.”

O’Connor unflinchingly revealed why she chose to enter rehab, admitting to fans in a follow-up tweet, “This year I lost someone beloved and has affected me so badly that I became briefly addicted to a drug other than weed.”

The singer admitted she’s smoked marijuana for 34 years before opening up about her tumultuous childhood, revealing, “I grew up with a lot of trauma and abuse. I then went straight into the music business. And never learned really how to make a normal life.”

“Never took proper time to heal. Wasn’t ready to either,” O’Connor continued before extending a sincere apology to fans who were looking forward to seeing her perform next year.

However, she expressed how much she hopes her followers and peers would understand why she’s made the decision to enter rehab, adding, “If I take this time to heal, I will be fit for a lifetime of touring. If I don’t, I won’t.”

O’Connor promised that she “will explain very clearly in 2022” about what inspired her to seek help.

The Grammy Award-winning singer confirmed that she will be entering rehab “next week.”

By Megan Stone
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