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Smash Mouth introduces new singer, Zach Goode; releases “Never Gonna Give You Up” cover

Smash Mouth with Steve Harwell; Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

Hey now, Smash Mouth has a new singer.

The “All Star” outfit announced Tuesday that Zach Goode will now be fronting the band. Goode takes the place of founding vocalist Steve Harwell, who announced his retirement last fall to focus on his health issues.

Goode has played in a number of bands throughout his career, including several tribute acts. One of his groups, called Geezer, is described as blending “rock, comedy, rap and barbershoppe to hilariously swing the entire history of popular music from AC/DC and Dr. Dre back to Buddy Holly and the Beatles, mashed up mid-song with spot-on Weezer and Beastie Boys hits.”

Smash Mouth’s first song with Goode on vocals is a cover of Rick Astley‘s ever-memed classic “Never Gonna Give You Up,” which certainly sounds like a joke, but is, in fact, a real thing. You can listen to it streaming now on YouTube.

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