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Sneak Peek Superbowl Commercials


This year the price of a 30 second commercial went up $1 million.  I feel like that’s excessive LOL I mean most things have gone up in price but by an entire million??! It’s $6 million for a 30 second spot.  These companies HAVE SO MUCH MONEY! Think of the companies like Budweiser and Doritos the ones that have MULTIPLE commercials. I also feel like the more expensive the spots get, the less they put into making the spot so they aren’t as good as they used to be, they gotta cut costs somewhere right?  Annnnywayyyy…here are a few to look out for!

These look amazing!  Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen together are hilarious!

Also this is a $12 million dollar spot. JUST TO AIR.

This is funny cause its LITERALLY my thoughts.  We are making teasers for commercials now?! LOL

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Zeus for BMW

Uber Eats focus is on the fact they deliver more than just food so they have famous people eating THINGS they ordered (not food).  Remember Gwyneth Paltrow’s vagina candle? Well…here she is taking a bite out of it! It takes A LOT to make my jaw drop and IDK if its cause I’m a mom now or what but my jaw literally dropped.

The Clydesdales took a year off but they are back for 2022 and I’ll probably cry. I cry during EVERY Clydesdale commercial and when they add a dog?! Forget about it.  I even cried when I saw them at the state fair a few years back. HA! I love them.